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» » » " 2001" , 30 - 1 2001 . » » E.Erkmen, Anomalous luminous phenomena and Project A.L.P

Anomalous luminous phenomena and Project A.L.P

Erol Erkmen
Colour Reproduction Engineer Chairman,TUVPO

My friends and I who have been closely following UFOlogy have read many abstracts dealing with the relationship between UFO's and earthquakes. This is an interesting topic that has always been in the corner of our minds. When doing research for our Black List Page (http://www.tuvpo.com/krlst.html ), the phenomena that appear to come from other planets, we've seen that most were natural phenomena and we have partly explained them.

The phenomena connecting balls of light to earthquakes seem to be separate topics. Balls of light were observed as materials or particles falling from the sky; burning and scattering light as they enter the atmosphere. However, this phenomenon related to earthquakes is an expression of underground movements. Many names have been given to this phenomenon since it has not yet been totally explained. Unfortunately it still does not have one common name.

There was also similar confusion on our pages but the latest UFO reports that we've received and the recent earthquake (Izmit earthquake, 17 August 1999) (pics:http://www.geocities.com/utkualgan/ ) we have just lived through have shown us that we need to take another look at this subject. That's why we had to make changes in the content of our page. We would like to request from our friends who read our pages to be aware of ALP's and to report any of their observations or research on this topic to us.

To have a better understanding of this phenomenon, let's combine the TECTONIC STRAIN THEORY with our own ideas and formulate our own theory. Our first inclination would be to give this phenomenon a Turkish name but, this would distance us from the rest of the world so for the time being we will also call it ALP (Anomalous Luminous Phenomena). The originator of this concept is Michael A. Persinger, Ph.D. from Laurentian University Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Although it still may appear as a UFO, the ALP is being brought to light. UFO's observed in Nevsehir city and the lights that have been followed all over the world are actually an indication of a paranormal event occurring underground and indicating important changes in a specific region. There are many reports that prove our theory and we will publish some of them on our pages. We all know about crystals and that there are many in nature. The quartz crystal is especially interesting as it gives off vibration in the presence of an electric current and it produces electricity when it is vibrated. It has many scientific applications due to this special feature. These crystals, when rubbed together, give off sparks/light.

Sometimes there are movements at the cracks in the crust of the earth. We call these cracks fault lines (the breaking and movement of the layers of rock that forms the crust of the earth). The seismic movements on the crust rub these separate pieces together. The earthquake can continue until the fault line discharges all of its energy. Balls of light are generally formed at a time close to this very high energy discharge that is produced, with the help of crushed crystal particles if there are crystalline structures present. The formation and colour of these balls of light differ due to atmospheric pressure.Balls of light can sometimes hang in the air for a long time and may move - usually soft turns and up and down movements due to changes in atmospheric pressure. The soil in Nevsehir city has similar properties. Magnetic fields and piezo electricity formed underground produced the long observed UFO's. The colours of these light balls change according to the condition of the gases in the atmosphere; for example when carbon dioxide increases they give off a blue colour. If our theory is correct, when an ALP is formed, seismic movements can also be observed in that region.

You can find many examples in our tuvpo web pages. But the latest example is here. A verification report and an effective proof: EARTHQUAKE !! (Izmit earthquake, 17 August 1999). Another example is the ALP observed in Sefakoy and the earthquake that followed. We will continue to collect information about ALP's whenever possible. We believe that serious research about this phenomenon will result in a decrease in the number of deaths resulting from earthquakes by providing an early warning signal. From all our friends who read our pages, we request that you remain open and aware to the presence of ALP's and report any unusual observation to us. ALPs, An unidentified flying object (UFO) is a contemporary term that has been applied primarily to Anomalous Luminous Phenomena (ALP). They display odd movements, emit unusual colours or sounds and occasionally deposit physical residues. When these phenomena closely approach a human observer, exotic forces and perceptions are frequently reported. Most ALP's have a duration time of just minutes and appear to show spatial dimensions of a few meters. Despite their remarkably similar descriptions over time and across cultures, the transience and localized occurrence of these phenomena have limited their systematic investigation. Explanations for these phenomena have ranged from social misperceptions and delusions to some variant of mystical or extraterrestrial intelligence. However the only testable concept that has been formulated to date is the Tectonic Strain Theory. It states that most UFO phenomena are natural events, generated by stresses and strains within the crust of the earth. The phrase "most UFO phenomena" is emphasized because the primary measurement is still human observation and classification. Due to their limitations, overinclusion of events or experiences that are not coupled to tectonic stress or strain are expected. Highly unlikely but nonetheless possible episodes of extraterrestrial sources could be contained within that residual.

The TST was originated from inductive rather than deductive processes; the data themselves revealed the principle that allowed the development of the theory.

We as TUVPO know from our research that there is the effect of the natural gas in the discovery of the source of A.L.P. This gas glows in air probably by the triggering of the static electricity. Static electricity increases with the friction of the fault lines. If we can prove here the relation of the seismic movements with A.L.P, which we believe there is, wouldn't the detection of the this neutral gas and the measurement of the static electricity be a signal for an upcoming earthquake ?? project ALP: http://www.tuvpo.com/deprem.html

ALP reports: http://www.tuvpo.com/alpreports/alpeng.html


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